What we do

Increasingly, service providers and decision-makers can see that working with us ensures that money is spent more efficiently and services are targeted more effectively.

Here are some of the ways that we represent the needs of families:

  • our representatives attend regular meetings and make sure that SEND is always considered in strategic planning.
  • we take part in groups designed to complete a particular piece of work, such as revising a document or devising a diagnostic pathway.
  • we organise questionnaires and surveys on specific topics to gather parent carers’ views so that we can present them where they can make a difference.
  • we help partners to produce information that is clearly written and informative.
  • we hold regular liaison meetings with key managers to discuss future initiatives and raise issues that our members tell us need to be addressed.
  • we organise an annual Conference, with workshops, speakers and stalls from service providers. It gets bigger each year!
  • we hold events around the county to find out what parent carers are most concerned about and how well systems are working for them.
  • we publish a newsletter ten times a year that you can receive digitally or in printed form.
  • we attend other conferences and talks, so that we can spread the word about Family Voice Norfolk and hear from parent carers.