Each year, Family Voice Norfolk holds a Conference where families can find out about all things to do with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

It’s also an opportunity for us to hear from families and for families to talk face-to-face with key managers from the local authority, health services and providers.

The Conference gets bigger and more popular each year.


2020 Conference Report 2020 Conference Report Appendix 2020 Conference Programme

2020 Workshops

Supporting children at SEN support in mainstream schools Direct Payments Support Service Kids SEND Mediation Keeping it in the Family Preparing for Adult Life Supporting your child to develop their communication skills Reviewing an Education, Health and Care Plan


2019 Conference Report 2019 Conference Report Appendix

2019 Workshops

Opening Speech by Sara Tough Ten Step Guide to Successful Transition Planning by Frank Crowdy Just One Norfolk by Fay Spencer ASD Pathway by Alan Hunter Provision Expected at SEN Support by Steph Ashew Your Voice - how children and young people can give their views and shape the Local Offer by Wayne Doman Reviewing an Education, Health and Care Plan by Janina Schiebler


2018 Conference Report 2018 Conference Report Appendix

2018 Workshops

Opening Speech by Jonathan Stanley Personalised Travel Payments with Will Tait Speech and Language Therapy with Claire Taylor Early Notification with Mark Gower and Pam Singh Ten Steps to Transition with Frank Crowdy Understanding EHCPs with Janina Schiebler Health Transition with Mark Gower Carers Matters with Karen Sheen Independent Travel with Karl Chapman Child & Young People Local Offer with Wayne Doman


Annual Conference Report 2017