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Survey results

Throughout the year we ask our members, via the newsletter, online surveys, email and post, to give us their views and experiences about various topics where change is necessary or proposed. Some of these surveys are national or ones or from the local authority, but others are generated by Family Voice Norfolk and are part of our aim to open conversations as well as taking part in them.

We take information from our surveys, ensure that it is anonymised and that any identifying details are removed, and write a report that is sent to members, decision-makers and providers.

Some recent reports are below. If you have anything to add to them, it is never too late to let us know what you think or what you have experienced. We can only be sure that changes have been made when families themselves report improvement.

PDF downloads

Family Voice survey on EHCPs – May 2022 Family Voice survey on Communication and Co-production – May 2022 Family Voice survey on Preparing for Adult Life – May 2022 Family Voice Norfolk update on parent carers’ experience of the Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Service July 2022 Dentistry for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities Family Voice Consultation on the Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Service in Norfolk Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on Returning to School or College - September 2020 Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on Access to Dental Services - August 2020 Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on Support and Services during COVID-19 Lock-down - May 2020 Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on SEND Transport - January 2020 Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on Short Breaks - December 2019 Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on Childcare Provision - November 2019 Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on Speech and Language Therapy - September 2019 Consultation on SEND Funding - July 2019 Family Voice 5-Minute Focus on Social, Emotional and Mental Health Support in Schools and Colleges - Nov 2018 Family Voice Norfolk Speech and Language Therapy report - Aug 2017 Family Voice Norfolk Short Breaks survey report 2017 Suffolk Parent Carer Network & Family Voice Norfolk Survey re Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust for CQC Inspection into mental health care July 2017