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Family Voice Norfolk has three levels of membership, all of which are free.

Please select below whichever kind of membership applies to you and complete the form.

  • full membership for parents, carers and close family members of children and young people (0–25) with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).
  • associate membership for others wishing to support our work, such as practitioners and extended family.
  • affiliate membership for groups and organisations.

Filling in this form does not commit you to membership. You will be contacted by our Membership Secretary, who will

  • explain what you can expect from membership.
  • find out the best way to contact you, including how you would like to receive our newsletter (10 issues a year).
  • outline our data protection policy and explain how and why your consent is required for us to store and use information that you give us. She will explain how we will safeguard your information, how we will use it, your rights to withdraw your permission for its use, your rights to view what data we hold about you, our commitment never to share your personal data with any third party, and the methods we will use so that, in sharing the views of Family Voice Norfolk members with planners and decision-makers, we will always ensure that they are anonymous and no detail is given that would enable our members to be identified. You can find out more about our date protection policy here.
  • ask you to give whatever information you feel able to share about your family circumstances, what you have found has worked well for your family and what needs improvement. This is so that we do not later ask you to take part in surveys or questionnaires that are not relevant to you. From time to time, she will also ask you to update this information.
  • explain that you can contact us at any time about your membership via this website, by emailing [email protected] or by phoning 07950 302937.

If you decide not to proceed with membership or to end your membership at any time, we will delete any information that we hold about you according to current data protection regulations and our Privacy Policy.