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Here we hope to give a little more information about some of the subjects and meetings we are working on at the moment. If you have comments, queries or concerns, do please get in touch.

Speech and Language Therapy in Norfolk 

Family Voice Norfolk were first made aware that there was parental dissatisfaction with East Coast Community Healthcare’s (ECCH) Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) service when we obtained feedback at our parent carer participation events around the county in October and November 2016. Several issues were again highlighted via the feedback forms from our Conference in spring 2017.

We were invited to present evidence to Norfolk County Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) for their September 2017 meeting.  Family Voice Norfolk, therefore, organised an online survey for our members and our report to HOSC (read it here) was based on the results of that survey. The report and summary providing key points were presented verbally to HOSC at their session. HOSC made several recommendations for improvements.

Subsequently, we were involved in a lengthy re-write of ECCH website pages to make them more family friendly and clearer about what was on offer from ECCH. Shortly after that, early in 2018, Norfolk County Council decided to carry out an independent review of SaLT services in Norfolk and engaged Better Communications CIC to undertake the review.

To gather updated information from our members, we asked them at our Conference in March 2018 what were their current experiences of SaLT provision. ECCH presented a workshop at the Conference, and we also received some feedback from those attending it.

Family Voice Norfolk formed one of the focus groups providing feedback to the consultants in May 2018. Better Communications CIC expect to present the headlines from their review at HOSC. HOSC will be meeting again in July 2018, when we also hope to submit a report to the committee and give a further presentation of your views.

SEND eNewsletter planning meetings

This emailed newsletter is produced about twice a term by the Local Offer. Our role is both to discuss ideas for content and to suggest ways in which it can be expressed in a form that is helpful for parent carers. For example, it’s easy for anyone who works with or for the local authority to take short cuts by using acronyms, forgetting that these may make no sense to families, especially those new to the worlds of special educational needs and/or disability (SEND). Yes, that’s one we use a lot!

Family Voice Conference 2020

We have started planning our tenth annual conference and it will be on Saturday 14 March 2020.  We’re always looking at ways to make it bigger and better, so if you have any comments about our conference we would love to hear from you.  Please click here to fill in our short survey.